About First Baptist

Our Statement of Purpose

First Baptist Church is a community of believers which exists to glorify God by touching lives with the truth of Scripture.  Our purpose is to communicate the good news of salvation through faith in Christ and to develop believers into fully devoted followers of the Lord.

Our goal is to "make disciples" of all those God gives us the opportunity to reach, beginning in our local community of Minot and extending to all the world.  This involves bringing lost people to faith in Christ, helping them to become committed and functioning members of the local church, and equipping them for ministry and outreach to others.

We believe God is glorified in the Church and in the world when we as His people commit ourselves to three basic priorities:

Loving God through worship
Building up the Body of Christ through teaching and fellowship
Outreach to the world through service and witness

These truths can be summarized with the formula:
Win + Build + Send = Commitment for Christ

Our Beliefs

Our Mission & Vision

Our Leadership


First Baptist Church is a part of the North American Baptist Conference and the North Central Association

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 8:30a, 9:50a, and 11:05a.