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    Weekly Newsletter

    This is our weekly newsletter.  Find out what's going on, and read a brief message usually tied to an upcoming sermon or event.

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    Published Monthly

    See what's going on for the month.  There's a lot happening around here, so take a look - print it out - hang it on the fridge!  

  • Prayer Points

    Monthly Prayer Guide

    This is our monthly prayer guide.  It's simply a way for everyone to spend a little bit of time each day focusing on a specific prayer need.


The FirstWord is our weekly newsletter.  You can get it via email or if you are a church member, you can request to have it mailed to you each week.  To sign up to receive it, click here.

We would like to reduce our reliance on printed materials and the costs associated with them, so if you are willing to switch to digital delivery we'd certainly appreciate it!  Let us know!