• Worship Teams

    We are always looking for people with a heart for Worship and vocal or instrumental skills to join us! Take a look at our Worship Ministry Guidelines to get a feel for what we are looking for and what we expect. If you want more information please find one of the worship team members after service and ask - they'll point you in the right direction! You can always call the church to get more info as well.

  • CHoir

    The Choir is currently rehearsing for a Christmas musical!  Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30p for rehearsal!

  • Tech Teams

    We've got people involved running our audio console, media desk, and video camera every Sunday. If this is something you are interested in or have prior experience and you want to serve with us, please contact the church office to get in touch with the right people!

  • Welcome Teams

    We want people to feel welcome. We want people to ask questions. We want people to get involved. The first impression they get is likely to come from our Welcome Team. Friendly, welcoming people are a must have for this ministry! If this is you - please contact us through the church office and let them know you want to get involved! Check out our Welcome Ministry Guidelines. They will give you a better, more detailed understanding of this ministry.

  • Ushers

    Our ushers are another part of this team. They generally take care of things once you get into the Sanctuary. Seating assistance, bulletins, offering collection...all part of what they do. We rely on them each and every Sunday - not to mention the special services throughout the year! If this is where you are wanting to serve - let us know! We'd love to get you plugged in!

  • From the Ground UP

    Coffee ministry

    We've got a dedicated group of servants working our coffee cart every Sunday serving up specialty coffee drinks, hot chocolate, and more! This is a way for us to not only get you caffeinated, but to help support our missionaries. There is no charge for anything from the coffee cart - just a free-will donation. All monies collected go to our supported missionaries at the end of the year as a special Christmas blessing.