Service Times

Occasionally, service times will change for holidays or special events.  Those will changes will be noted above and on our Facebook page (also above).



8:30a - Classic Service

For those that like a more traditional feel.  Most of the music comes from the hymnal and has light instrumentation.  The sermon content is the same as with the Contemporary services, but the presentation and feel is tailored to the service style.

9:50a & 11:05a - Contemporary Services

These two services are the same.  The music has a much more contemporary feel with a full worship team.  Songs are a mix of new and old.  We don't wish to completely remove the old - but we do like to give them a more modern feel!  The presentation of sermon and other service content is tailed for this service style.


6:30p - AWANA

7:15p - Journey (youth)

Prayer Meetings

Pre-Service Prayer

Sunday Mornings - 8:00a

Adult Prayer Meeting

Sunday Evening - 4:30p


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