kidz minstries

Our kids are very important to us. After all - they are the future of our church! Sunday School is our Sunday morning emphasis. AWANA is our Wednesday night program, and there are all kinds of additional events planned for different age groups throughout the year!  Click any of the images for more!

youth ministries

The youth of the church can get involved on Sundays through the available Sunday School class offerings as well as during the Wednesday night gatherings.

Check out the Youth Facebook page for up to date announcements and info - It's the best way to keep up!

adult ministries

We have ministries for everyone.  Sometimes the men get together to grow as Godly men - and the same can be true for the Women!  And there are times you need a small group of people to help support you or your family.  Click on the images above for information on each ministry group.  (small group information is coming soon)

worship ministries

This ministry area encompasses many things: Ushers, Greeters, Tech Teams, Choir, Worship Teams, Coffee Ministry...

Click on the image to learn more.

prayer, missions, and 50+

We believe strongly in the power of prayer.  If would like us to pray for you, please send us a prayer request (click the image or click here).  We have regularly scheduled prayer meetings including Sunday mornings at 8:00a, Sunday afternoon at 4:30p and a men's prayer time Monday mornings at 7:00a.

We also support a large numbers of missionaries both at home and abroad.  Not all of us are able to go into all the world on our own, so we try to support those who are able as much as possible.

We have a special ministry for those age 50+ called XYZ - eXtra Years of Zest!  This is an incredible group of people that gather for fellowship, food, and times of sharing and caring.  There's a new brochure for each season.  Click the image above to take a look.

XYZ won't meet for the months of January - March.

sunday school

There are two Sunday School time slots:

9:45a has class offerings for adults

11:00a has class offerings for the whole family

Our children's Sunday School takes place during the 11:00a hour.

Details on the adult class offerings are available by clicking on the image below.